Crowd Source Your Startup

Mobup is a open source project to develop a framework for crowd sourcing to build early stage start-ups

What is MobUp?

MobUp is an open-source framework for crowd-sourcing your startup idea. The project is aimed at providing contractual documents, best practices around splitting equity, tax implications and governance for early stage startup projects.  Please click on the Wiki tab at the top of the page to read and comment on our project.  If you are in the Puget Sound area and would like to attend our meetup, please click on the tab.


1. Because early stage start-up projects need to have a structure to share the founders’ pie according to their contribution

2. You are an ideator always has ten ideas you want to work on. Best way to get them off the ground is to form a team and go at it.

3. Because you want to do a startup and haven’t got off your butt forever.


1. Form a partnership (MobUp has a template) and assign value to work packages and together get things done, adding value to the partnership. When the idea becomes viable, form an LLC and get ownership according to the value provided.

2. Early stage projects can start with sharing the pie right way and involve many people as they need. Think of startup weekend with a long term commitment.


Early stage ideas are best suited for this. If you are already a formal company, then it’s little more complicated to issue shares and gauge value, but Mobup can still help.

Bring a laptop to our meetups. Because you will get things done.

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